A Monday Off

Let’s start at the very beginning: Monday. This one was a quiet vacation day that spawned this website.

The McDonalds trip turned out to be helpful in the weekly office meeting the next day when I used it as an example of a known brand. Even got to sing the jingle. High voiced. You should always sing jingles falsetto, right?


Panel 1: (silent) Eric getting out of bed. It’s 5:17 a.m.

Panel 2: I wake up early because I’m most productive in the morning. I’m sharp.

Panel 3: (silent) Eric tries to stand up straight as he watches a hunched-over old man bag his groceries.

Panel 4: Mickey Dee’s was my reward for grocery shopping. A gastrointestinal mistake.

5 thoughts on “A Monday Off

  1. Art talent obviously runs in the Maki/Smith/Hamaker families! I love this new endeavor of yours, Eric. I am lucky that I can navigate Facebook much less create something so good as this.

  2. I love your work. I thought the caption would have said, you were going to use your Mickey Dee’s trip as an excuse to get out of the meeting the next day. Cool stuff, I like all of your work. Thank you.

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