Gettin’ Them Twin Babies Baptized

Comic: Gettin' Them Twins Baptized

Jen is the Godmother of Jack, ½ of the twins Jack and Grant, 6-month old sons of our friends, Nix and Rich. Jen was honored to be asked, even though neither of us understood what it meant or what she had to do.

It was no problem; beforehand she answered some questions about church and during the ceremony she smiled and held the new clothes. Then, as Jack gets older, Jen is charged with looking after his spiritual life. Jack lucked out: Jen takes this stuff seriously and she’ll be a big support for him.

Catholic baptisms are really different from Baptist baptisms. Not just the theology, either, but I won’t get into that.

Grant and Jack are the most mellow babies I’ve ever met.


Panel 1: Twin babies Grant and Jack are ready for their Catholic baptism. Grant’s hair looks like a rooster’s comb.

Panel 2: The priest pours water over Grant’s head.

Panel 3: The priest puts scented oil on Grant’s head.

Panel 4: Grant’s hair is just as wild, but he’s all smiles.

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