Holder of the Door

Comic: Holder of the Door

Old coworker Cliff came bouncing into the office after lunch one day, hoppin’ mad to tell this story. It’s way more funny the way he tells it. I’m grateful he let me have it for a small fee plus movie and TV rights.


Panel 1: A woman with a walker struggles to exit a fast food restaurant. Cliff offers, “Lemme get that door for you, ma’am.” In the background, an employee empties the trash.

Panel 2: The woman stops and asks Cliff, “You got a dollar I can buy some yogurt?” Cliff, holding the door, replies, “What? Oh, sorry. I don’t have any money.”

Panel 3: In the small area between the two exit doors, the employee carries the full trash bag past Cliff and the woman. The bag has a smell to it.

Panel 4: The woman asks Cliff, “Is that you stink?” Cliff looks dejected.

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