Enemy Mine(craft)

Enemy Mine(craft)

Oh, I enjoy this little 16-bit style sandbox. It can be just as scary as Doom sometimes.


Panel 1: Miner Me: “I must have worked through the night. Good morning, house.”

Panel 2:
Miner Me: (To Creeper in disguise) “Say friend, do you know the time.”
Creeper: “Sssssssssss.”
Miner Me: “Haha, okay, I’ll go get my own gold ingots and … hey …”

Panel 3:
Creeper: “Ssssssssssss.”
Miner Me: “My god. It’s you.”

Panel 4: Poom! (House and everything around it explodes.)

2 thoughts on “Enemy Mine(craft)

    • I know from whence you speak. I’ve been playing for about a year, though I’m playing more than usual lately. I go through phases. Railroads, villages, the Nether. But those Creepers still make me jump sometimes!

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