Captive Innocent

Poor fella couldn't pick his owner.

Not much story today. Just a look at the stupidity of a human and the misfortune of a dog. We saw this on I-40, somewhere near Knoxville, TN. Should we have done something? I don’t know what. My cousin and I used to make paper signs to communicate to other cars on trips. Maybe I should have tried that. What should I have written?

Godspeed, little fella. Hope you made it to wherever Brainless was taking you.


Panel 1: Jen and I are driving on the interstate. I’m in the passenger seat looking out the window.

Panel 2: I see a man riding a motorcycle at high speeds with his dog balanced on the body above the gas tank.

Panel 3: I’m in shock as I stare and turning a little green.

Panel 4: One final look at the dog as we drive on and leave him behind.

4 thoughts on “Captive Innocent

  1. Eric, I love the little dog. You managed to have him actually look worried. I have often felt the same way when I drive by a pick-up truck with a big dog hanging over the side. Dogs do like the wind in their faces, but that is from the inside of a vehicle in which they can run from side to side. Their choice.

    • Ugh, exactly. This small one would probably not have chosen to sit on a slick, curved gas tank and travel at 70 mph inches away from the big wheels of semis. He drew the short straw on owners. 😦 Thanks for the comment, Barb. May you see only happy, running, playing dogs today.

  2. This one makes me want to cry. I’ve had to give up a few animals, but always found good home for them. Sometimes dogs run away because we take them in as strays and they’re just always searching.

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