Sampling Molasses

Sampling the molasses

One of those small, weird moments that’s forgotten as soon as it happens.

Are you the kind of person that just digs into the jar? Would you prefer using something besides your finger to sample it, but you hate to trouble someone, so you resort to the finger? Maybe you have no problem coming right out and asking for a spoon or a knife.

Then, there’s always the possibility that you hate molasses. Do you try it anyway, feeling somehow pressured by the presence of the person and his question? Or do you reject his offer politely or with a turned up nose?

Small, weird moments can be complicated.


Panel 1: A merchant at a festival holds out a jar and asks a passerby, “Try a sample of my molasses, ma’am?” The woman says, “Uh … well, sure!”

Panel 2: The woman puts her finger in the air and nervously giggles.

Panel 3: The woman starts to put her finger in the jar, nervously giggling some more.

Panel 4: The man stops her and says, “Let me get you a spoon.” The woman removes her finger and says, “Oh!” and laughs some more.

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