A Jab for Pip, Part 1 of 2

Jabbing the kitten

Another cat story. Look away, anti-cat-people, I beg you. Tomorrow, too.

Pip’s losing too much weight, so we’re trying to kickstart his appetite with biweekly injections of vitamin b12. I confess, I’m not really sure what the thought was behind this, I didn’t do a good job of listening. Once the word “needle” came up, I was lost.

This comic is a pep talk. Stop by tomorrow to see how it all turned out.


Panel 1: Tonight, Jen and I will give Pip an injection. The kind with a needle. We’ve never done it before.

Panel 2: First, we’ll wrap him up in a towel. Make a kitten burrito.

Panel 3: Then, while Jen holds him, I’ll squeeze some of that loose skin on his neck, stick the needle in and push the plunger. No problem!

Panel 4: Everything will go perfectly with no loss of feline or human blood.

9 thoughts on “A Jab for Pip, Part 1 of 2

  1. One suggestion, make sure you warm up the syringe and the medicine by rolling it in your hands for just a minute. We gave our dog injections for a while and learned that she was OK with the needle, but not the cold COLD medicine under her skin.

    Now you know.

    • Crap, I didn’t even think to refrigerate it, and the vet made no mention of it. So, cold medicine wasn’t a problem, but hopefully spoiled medicine wasn’t either. Another question for the vet. Fortunately I don’t have to give another injection until after his next visit.

      Thanks! It’s half the battle, I’ve been told, knowing.

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