Last known (uploaded) photo of Eric M. SmithHi-ho, I’m Eric M. Smith and these are my comics. I’m a fake-it-’til-you-make-it cartoonist living in Cincinnati, OH, USA with my girlfriend and our spleenless Maine Coon. I’ve published comics to the web since 1998, but this incarnation of Glimbit started Monday, August 27, 2012. Mid-afternoon, like, two-ish.

I get up early each day, toil over my art table and, if the coffee has done its job, make a comic before it’s time to go to work. I add a couple of new comics each week.

Who are you and what do you do?

♥, Eric

Twitter: @glimbit
Facebook: Eric M. Smith, artist
Portfolio: ericmsmith.com


Strut and Fret - life illustrated

Look, A Bulleted List

  • You should look into Nick Marsh’s “The Express Diaries.” Yes, I created the cover and interior art, but otherwise it’s a seriously good novel, like if Agatha Christie hooked up with Bram Stoker and H.P. Lovecraft had their baby.
  • My biggest cartooning influences are:
  • Glimbit is hosted by wordpress.com. You might see some ads and that’s why. I used to self-host my wordpress blogs, but who needs that hassle?
  • My current theme is a modified “Lovebirds” by Automattic. I had to remove the footer because it talked about this being a wedding website and I just don’t think it is.
  • How are the transcripts working for you? Does it ruin the read? The transcripts make the site more searchable and Google-friendly, and they do wonders for accessibility. It feels like too often I’m explaining the joke, though.
  • I use the word “joke” loosely.

What does “Glimbit” mean?

Glimbit is a little light. Shed a little light on the subject. Let your little light shine. That sort of thing.

Further more, (hey, you asked,) I used the concept of “little light” because of my high school Comparative Religions and American Government teacher, Mr. Dean.

Making train motions, Mr. Dean would chug into the class at 8:05 AM. Already playing on his record player was either “Sgt. Pepper’s” or The Doors. In his hand, a cup of coffee. Smiling, but not over-committed to any specific feeling of happiness. I think he was content. That easiness spread to most of us soon.

He made his way to the window. The blinds were usually closed. He stopped at the first window and began to twist the rod that opened the blinds. He would say: “I’m going to open these blinds just enough to let the light in, but keep the glare out.” He repeated that phrase a couple more times as he continued to open the blinds.

That notion stuck with me, so Glimbit is about letting the light in, but keeping the glare out. Happily, you don’t have to know that for the test.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Ahhh.. Mr. Dean…. Such a happy soul at FHS. Saturday Night Live and TC cherries. 😉 thanks for the walk down memory lane Eric!

    • Wait, Melissa, what was the Saturday Night Live thing? I can’t remember. Of course, I do remember the cherries. I read somewhere recently that he and his wife retired from the cherry farm and went on a big European vacation for their anniversary. 50th, maybe? Makes me happy to see life being so good to that man and his family. Hey, thanks for stopping by! Great to hear from you.

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